Sunday, January 8, 2012

So it is the start of a new year and with that goes resolutions. Although I don't usually make resolutions, I'm going to start this year. I discussed with my oldest, and we decided to make " a project a week." So every week of the year I will finish a project and then blog about it. Wow, how did that first week blow by? I did happen do finish my project plus one.

The first is a oven mitt. I bought the pattern, oh so many months ago, and decided I needed a quick project for the first week. The pattern is by Susie C.Shore Designs and it's in the shape of a cupcake. The pattern was very cute. I wasn't loving my finished pot holder, so I forged ahead to my second project.

The second project of the week, since the first was a quickie, was making fabric flowers. I had bought, once again, a while back, a "Kanzashi flower maker" by Clover. It's a little plastic thingie that folds in half and you hand stitch to make the petals. Now, for all that know me, hand stitching isn't my thing, but I digress.... I had the most fun making these pretty little flowers, that I made several and attached them to a little bag that I had previously made. I think I will make a lot more of these and will check out the other designs that Clover offers.

I have already picked out another pattern that I will be working on for next week and intend to finish sewing beads on a quilt and hopefully will finish that.
I do believe this is going to be a good idea, and will certainly produce much if I continue.
So for all, keep on quilting and try to keep up with me as I power through all the projects I thought were good ideas at the time. Until next week...

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