Friday, July 20, 2012

Okay, so I'm late and behind, this will be week 26 project although it should be week I had best get my rear in gear and start to catch up. I took a two week much needed vacation and although I thought about art and quilting a lot, I didn't produce anything. I did manage to attend a quilt show in Hawaii since it wasn't far from where I was vacationing.
For this week's project, I made an adorable Circle Zip Earbud Pouch from a tutorial by Erin Erickson I pinned from pinterest. It really was easy and went together as it was supposed to.
I'm working on another quilt, having finished the pattern today. It is going to be the first of a series because my first born tells me that I have to do a series to show I have a cohesive body of work. I'm excited about it and hope it turns out okay.
I shipped my first quilt off for the exhibit "I'm not crazy" that is titled "Moody Blues". It is about depression.  It will travel for a year or so. I know that I showed my label before but here is the quilt.
At the end of the month I send my quilt "Bedazzled" to be in the exhibit "In the American Tradition" that starts in Houston in October. Here is the picture of that. This will also be traveling for a year or so. A detail picture of it is also in the catalog for Houston I think it is on page 5.
So I have been busy, just not productive, if that makes sense. I'll work on it. Until then....Keep on quilting.

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