Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 34..
Well, the 1st of "Living the good Life" Series is complete. I know that the girls at work like it but all my blog followers only get to see the label until I get it into a show. The photo was provided by Lena Servin, a nurse that I work with at "The Ranch". She was the inspiration and has now inspired a lot of others to get me pictures along the same line for my next in the series. I love it.. I learned a lot from this quilt. I need to change my fusable that I use, so I ordered some Misty fuse since it is lighter and not so thick. I have learned that I will use a design wall ALWAYS and that blocking a quilt is a MUST. Many design challenges but the next quilt will be even more awesome...

Week 35..
This is a Mariner's compass, or rather 1/4 of the block and then I have my "Magic Mirror" behind it so I can see what the block will look like finished..Sort of.. The lights and darkers are not as they should be but it gives me an idea of the final results without putting too much effort into it. I am currently working on a traditional quilt, I use that term loosely, and wanted to do a mariner's compass in the center. I know what colors I want to use and will work on EQ7 to better plot my course. I'm real excited about this quilt. I love art quilts but I also love paper piecing so I guess I'm both traditional and comtempory. Who would have thought.
I've booked my flight and classes for Houston and have volunteered for both taking down the quilts after the show with IQA and am going to the website to volunteer to work the booth for SAQA. If you are not aware of this organization, check it out. It's pretty darn awesome. I've gone to a few meetings in my area and met the most wonderful people. Of course they are wonderful, they are quilters and VERY talented. Jamie Fingal, Kathy Nida, Sandra Hankin, Mary Tabar, Jane Lafazio and Kathleen McCabe to name a few. There is so much talent in these groups that it is mindboggling, find a chapter near you and go to a meeting. They are very motivational and talented and you will be surprised what rubs off on to you.
I've deceided that when I grow up, I want to be a quilter...No wait, I want to be one now, if only I could find someone to support me totally and all I had to do was quilt. Oh, sorry, I was dreaming. What a dream...
So until next time, keep on keeping on and keep on quilting. (I'm almost keeping up with my project a week.)

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