Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So I am trying to catch up with this weekly challenge thing.
Week 37
This week I had a friend ask if I could alter a ballgown. Yuck, If there is something I hate more than alterations I can't think of it, but....she had to breath in this dress so I said yes.I opened up the seam on the other side of the dress from the zipper, added a panel on both the outside and inside lining then she wanted strips to keep the thing up so I made them out of organza.
It turned out better than the pictures and better than her idea, that nonsewer that she is.

I am flying to Oakland then driving to the quilt show in Santa Clara for the day on Friday. I have 3 quilts in this show so it's a first and I'm excited. I still have to quilt my 2nd in the series "Living the good life" but haven't had the chance and this month is crazy busy.
My daughter has a show in LA tomorrow, so after work, we are driving up to check that out and offer up support. If you are in the area, it call RAW provocations I believe.
Until next time....Keep on quilting.

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