Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 41...
This week's profect is a quilted sketchbook that I made in a class with Naomi Adams while in Houston. I was skeptical about taking this class because, well I have my reasons. One was that this girl was so young I could have given birth to her. Wow, I did have fun and created a great belated birthday presents for one of my BFFs
The outside of the sketchbook.

The inside where I sewed the papers in the book so it would be a
working sketchbook.
The back of the book.

Naomi has a website- so you  can checkout her stuff there.Quite the go getter, she is. Many people in class free motion quilted their sketchbook, but since I do all my freemotion on a longarm I put the new Brother sewing machine through it's paces using the computerized stitches. It sewed like a dream and I almost bought one and brought it home.

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