Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

A few years ago, my oldest daughter and I had a challenge to complete and blog a project a week. We did succeed and I fully intended to do it again in 2015 and here it is already the 10th of January. I'm not sure how the time flies so quickly. I know I'm busy working two jobs, raising a 12 year old , staying in two adult children's lives and starting a new quilt studio, but SERIOUSLY!!!

Today I completed the second weeks project and am now going to blog about it and the late first week project.  (I admit, I did week one's project as a Christmas present, cheatingly..)

Now that I have committed publicly, it might make me step up to the plate and get it done. Anyone want to join me?

I'm trying to keep up with facebook, instagram, blogging and starting a new website, what's one more little project?
Near the end of December, I gathered all the projects and patterns that I have collected,made a list and a timeline. That should make it easier, right?

So here is WEEK ONE's project:

Fabric books. These are awesome. I never made them before and they were so easy. Each panel gives  you directions on how to put them together and I needed an easy Christmas present for a child. After Christmas, I bought two more so when this special child gets a little older, I have more to give her. I bought them at my local quilt store but I'm sure you can google it and finds plenty. I'm sorry but I don't remember the names of these two.

WEEK TWO's project:

Amazing, I know, It's a bag. If you know anything about me then you know I am pretty much addicted to bag patterns. I don't make a lot but I sure do buy them. This year, I'm going to be making all the ones that I have bought. Okay, there is only 52 weeks so maybe not all that I have bought.
This little gem is the "Humbug Bag" the designer and author is McKenna Linn (formerly Nancy Restuccia). I couldn't stop at one, I had to make three. The monkey is my favorite. The pattern comes in 3 sizes but I only did the small one. As for patterns, it was relatively easy.Just read all the directions first, which was a little overwhelming since there are five pages. The bag itself is only two and there are directions on machine quilting.

Okay guys, now I'm up to date. I know my oldest wants her bag done but I have to work on drawstring bags for sandbags, and add screenprinting to them. More about that next week.

I think the most exciting news that I have to share is that I'm finally going to have a dedicated working and teaching studio locally in Oceanside, CA. I am very excited. It will be good to have a studio like I had back in VA. I'm not even sure how it all happened. It all started with Houston Quilt Festival, something about a Statler Stitcher purchase, stumbling on the perfect location and the awesome universe that we live in. More to come soon, I promise. We will be having a grand opening in March, I hope. I promise to keep everyone informed.

Hopefully, I have inspired some followers to start their own challenges or just to take that next step and start a project of any kind. Thanks for all the support and wisdom that I have received from each and every one of you. Just remember......Keep on Quilting....

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