Tuesday, January 5, 2016


      Well, it goes without saying but I have to say it... Happy New Year. In this post, I'm going to talk about goals. New and Old.
      In 2015, I attempted the project a week thing but fell short. It's not that I didn't do a project a week, I just didn't take the time to blog about it. So, no credit for me. I did accomplish a lot and that 's what I'm going to discuss today.
      In my personal life, the family went to Cancun to view the Mayan Ruins. It was a great experience and one that we probably won't ever get to repeat. We learned lots of history and saw lots of sites. We saw two ruins, Chichen Itza and Ek' Balam, authentic Mexican villages and town squares. 

     In my quilting life, I opened a quilting studio in March, the same day I ran a 10K. It was awesome. We had a great turn out and I do believe everyone had a great time.

     Sometimes around April, I finished my quilt titled "Grandmother's Beer Garden" and it got accepted into the traveling exhibit "In the American Tradition". I beaded beer caps on each flower petal and had lots of fun doing so.

     I have been making a lot of bags this year. Pouches, purses, messenger bags and more. I opened an online Etsy shop "The Bag Lady at SQ" and listed a bunch. I also have them for sale at the studio.

     I have been teaching classes at the studio and having lots of fun meeting new people.

     I had one of my Gammills retrofitted with a Statler Stitcher and have been loving learning and quilting on it. I went to a Sugar Conference in June in Missouri and meet Paul Statler, took lots of classes and meet really awesome people.

     I had lots of visits with the children and we had lots of fun times.

     I was training for a half marathon but sustained an injury so much of the last several months has been spent in Physical Therapy and getting acupunture.

     I've spent time working full time as a nurse and as a faux grandmother and have been very busy.

     I joined three quilting guilds and one art quilt group. I participated in 2 quilts shows and one gallery show, all relatively local.

This show is actually still on til Febuary 3, 2016
Temecula Quilt Show
Rancho Bueno Vista Adobe

I've made multiple baby quilts, tee shirt quilts and donation quilts for the local guilds.

My orginal design.

     I'm sure there is more that I have done but can't remember it at this moment. I would say that in 2015, I have lived, laughed and loved. It was awesome even with it's ups and downs and I expect 2016 to be even better.

     So now for the2016 goals. It's very hard sometimes to make goals and even harder to accomplish them. With that being said, I'm going to do it anyway.

For 2016, I plan on teaching more people to quilt. I plan on lots of classes and teaching lots of people had to longarm. I have already joined another Art Quilt group and they have many plans for me. I am finishing up an awesome portrait quilt and am starting another one. (No pictures at the present-but if you are following me on Instagram, you can check it out there.) You can find me on Instagram at Loisspraguequilts. I do post almost daily on Instagram, so check it out.

     I will try to post more frequently, I will try to update both my facebook page and my blog. I have lots of great new ideas and would love for all of you to join me in this new year. Come by the studio and check it out, I'm making all kinds of plans. Don't forget to call first because life is busy and sometimes I'm not there. So have a great New Year and I'll talk to you soon. Keep on quilting.