Monday, February 20, 2012

Well week 7 has come and gone and once again I am late posting. It wasn't because I finished my project late, so I don't really have an excuse. The project of the week is one that I finally finished. It is a technique by Maria Elkins off her DVD "Making Faces". It's a really good DVD and everyone should have one to refer to if they are interested in that area. I didn't make wise choices of my fabrics, hence the lightness of the piece. It is of my oldest daughter and her boyfriend. I learned a lot regarding choices and techniques and I went on and did a smaller piece of my younger daughter, just to prove that I could learn from my mistakes. Enjoy and try to finish all those unfinished projects that are cluttering your path to success. This is really working for me and I am, in fact, enjoying being pushed. So until then....Keep on quilting.

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