Tuesday, July 14, 2015

                                                                 WEEK 20
Okay, so I am way behind. It doesn't mean that I haven't been productive,it just means I have not spent  the time blogging about it. I have to apologize. The only way that I can show, teach, question, to keep up with the blogging. I honestly try to do better but I am a slider. For week 20, I did make a medium size messenger bag. The size turned out good, it was difficult because I used the same fabric for every piece. I liked the size and will add it to the list of bags that I will make again.

 My quilt "Grandmother's Beer Garden" got accepted into the exhibit "In the American Tradition". I am totally stoked about this. I worked very hard on this quilt and did a lot of bead work on it ("I am not a beader"). I had tons of friends collecting beer caps and this quilt traveled out of the country several times....Hard work does pay off. I am going to be shipping it off this week and once it actually shows for the first time, I will post pictures here on the blog. Plan to be amazed.....

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