Friday, July 17, 2015

                                                                   Week 23
So for this week, I actually quilted someone else's quilt. Her name is Sue and she owns a quilting store in Temecula, CA. This turned out to be all custom work and it turned out pretty well. The quilt itself is a medallion quilt and I do believe most of the fabric is from the cotton and steel collection, but I could be mistaken.
I totally had fun doing this on my Statler. Although it was a bit of work, I enjoyed it a lot. I have since been to Missouri for a 4 day Statler conference and have learned more about the awesome Statler stitcher that I purchased last year at Houston. The only thing this amazing machine doesn't do is cook for me. (well that is about what it seems like). I am learning all kinds of things related to CAD and all the ins and outs. I am in the process of doing donation quilts so I can play daily on the machine. My local quilt guilds are doing pretty well with donation quilts for next month. I have 4 to bind at the present and will do so next weekend while I'm in Malibu. Until tomorrow, week 24, happy quilting to all of you.

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